Are you getting your fair share?

Do you feel like you are not getting your fair share of the market you operate in?  Sure you are working harder and longer and have a great range of products and services. But just being good is not enough today.

The real challenge is just being seen and heard by prospective customers.

The good news is that we can help you become more visible and show you how you can take your place in the online market place without huge time or financial commitment. We work hard to make sure all our clients succeed and helping you become more visible will lead to a better outcome for you and your business.

How to create a growing loyal customer base

How hard is it to gain new customers?

Sometimes people walk in to your business, while there are other days when you will be sitting up late quoting jobs you may never win.

Often, customers are sourced through referrals from happy clients.

However, happy clients don't see each other much in person anymore. Where they do catch up is often on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

Referrals from these sources create activity on your website. But...

  • Does your website look like 2007 or 2017? Is it up to date?
  • Does it have anything to read or information relevant to your clients needs?
  • Is it responsive to work on mobiles and tablets?
  • Can you look after it yourself?
  • But most of all, does it have any VIDEO? ( people love watching video)

WordPress websites and video

WordPress is a website platform that runs nearly 25% of the World's websites and is used by large and small businesses. We build our websites in WordPress to give you the power to update and manage your own website. It's easy and secure and you can even ad a shop to it!

Web Video also helps highlight who you are and what you do. It can show services and products in action. It can also feature testimonials on camera from real people who your potential customers can watch. It acts as a very inexpensive sales rep for your business 24/7, 52 weeks a year.


If you can't easily manage it and add news, products and articles about what you are up to, it will go stale and prospective customers will go looking for someone else.

Imagine if you had a super new digger at a great price. Well, if no-one can see it on your website, it may as well not exist.

If you could have your own website and learn to look after it yourself or with our help, how much more could you share with your clients? You could post a Facebook post on your new digger or Instagram a video of it and have the details on your website ready to hire.

It's not that hard and all you need is to make a small investment in time and capital and then start to build your new clientele.

And this is where we can help you.



Tools that will make you money

Here are some of the tools we can put to work in your business to help you grow

  • Websites that put you and your business first
  • Promo videos that highlight your business for the online audience
  • Social media integration
  • Ongoing phone and online support to keep you moving

We know you already

jonburke creative digital video has been producing videos for the HIANZ since 2016 and the Australian Hire and Rental Industry Association, EWPA and businesses in Australia for over 14 years.

We know your industry and have helped run the Marlborough Conference and produced the Careers in Hire video and website project for HIANZ. As part of our ongoing commitment to your industry, we will be visiting New Zealand regularly to help you develop your business and grow your online skills.

2018 HIANZ Promotional Video

Here are some of our more recent projects in New Zealand:

2017 Careers in Hire Website - build and support

2017 Careers in Hire 5 Video series

2017 HIANZ best of Marlborough Conference 2017  link

2017 HIANZ 2018 40th Conference promo video (above)

Let's work together

From November 2017, we will be on the ground in New Zealand and ready to help you get started. Here is what we will be offering on this and subsequent visits in early 2018:

  • Shoot a short promo video on site with you and record some interviews with your key people and customers about your offerings.
  • Show you how you can get started on creating a WordPress Website and setting up social media for you too!
  • Take some photos to use in your video and website.
  • Offer consultancy support and advice about how you can create your own content

From our base location, we offer direct support by phone and online. The process of editing, web construction and support is all carried out with your full involvement and support. We also offer long and short term support to help you create new content and update your websites and videos.

HIANZ/ EWPA 2017 Member special offers

We are offering the following packages for the remainder of 2017 for HIANZ/EWPA Members.

Web and Social media Promotional Video   2 minute duration  $3,500
We will help you create a script and plan a shoot on site at your business over a one day visit. This will include on site shoots, interviews and chats with key people and customers if available and will be packaged with great graphics and music soundtrack ready to go onto social media. All video material can be reused in other future promotions as required backed up and ready to edit when needed.

WordPress Website setup and support  $3000
We can set up your own simple WordPress website for you and add your content and photos to get you up and running. We also offer ongoing support and advice as required on an affordable hourly rate.

WordPress website and Promotional Video package. $5950
Get your own promotional video and WordPress website as above and save 10% of the overall cost of the work.

The small print:

  • Travel to your location in New Zealand will incur a travel cost at most affordable rates possible.
  • Video will include either a voiceover or business owner (or staff person) to read the script.
  • Video shoots are limited to one full day and extensions may be available if possible at pro rata rates.
  • Websites are for general promotion of up to 8 pages initially. (shops are extra: POA)

Have a look at a video for Preston Hire that shows their new branch opening and interviews with key staff about their exciting business.