Online and interactive training videos

All organisations and businesses understand they training is important. But what happens when you can't get the right people to deliver the training or can't get them to everyone who needs the training just to stay safe at work? What does it mean to the person missing out on the correct information or your legal obligations?

If there is no proof - it didn't happen!

Video based training can be a powerful tool, particularly in WHS and process training areas. But being able to assess the viewers understanding of the information can be a real challenge! Ask yourself:

  • How do you know they get the message and understand the content?
  • How do you prove they actually watched the content and completed the video?

Without proof of the training, you could be in trouble.

Fortunately with the help of Articulate Storyline 2, we can help keep training delivery and testing simple for everyone.

interactive online training

Articulate Storyline 2 interactive training | delivering results

How our online interactive training can help you

Our online interactive programs are built using Articulate Storyline and are used everyday to help train apprentices and trainees across South Australia understand the basics of workplace safety in a wide variety of trade vocations.

Here are the benefits of our custom built online system:

  • Suitable for simple or complex inductions or training
  • Fully hosted and supported learning management systems which saves you the hassle!
  • Interactive programs can feature all types of testing such as multiple choice, drag and drop and many others
  • Questions are tracked for results and stored in a database where the client and participant are emailed the results providing proof of completion
  • Reduces likelihood of incidents and spoilt work through consistent messaging
  • No need to sign up to expensive lock in contract

Call us today and find out how you can stop wasting valuable time and money while improving productivity and safety.

Flexible, cost effective, online training

Your LMS or ours
We can provide our Learning Management System (LMS) or you can choose other options to store and track your training records. We provide programming support to deliver customised support too.

Get the right results to the right people
Storyline combined with our LMS can send results online to a nominated supervisor and the viewer automatically after every test to show how they went.

Used by many of South Australia’s Group Training providers
jbcdv projects produced in Storyline 2 are being used by over a dozen major trainers of apprentices and trainees throughout South Australia. These include regional operations in remote locations that can leverage the same training online as the city people get.

Cost benefits
You can now deliver training in any location with a good internet connect. This means you can pre record training with our support and get the training up online to save time and travel costs. A huge saving over time.

Test retention of information
Ever wonder who is watching your training or zoning out often missing key safety or training information? Storyline 2 can be easily used to break up training videos and pose questions that have to be answered based on material viewed. If the viewer doesn’t watch carefully, the may miss the answers that they need to pass a test.

Setting the bar as high as you like
Storyline can have a passmark set so that the viewer must get either certain questions right, or a passmark percentage right to successfully complete a test.

Cheating? good luck with that!
Storyline 2 can even scramble the order of the questions to keep viewers on their toes. It can even have a mixture of compulsory questions surrounded by randomly chosen optional questions which can vary on each viewing. No way to get round these obstacles for the lazy viewer!

Great options for customised looks and presentations
It’s easy to brand a Storyline 2 presentation to make it your own. You can set up your own look and we can handful in the look to the program to keep up your branding throughout.