Joining the fight against Legionella using video

Legionella poses a huge risk to the safety of people living in nursing homes across Australia and long term jbcdv client, Hindmarsh Water Treatment is leading the nation in the prevention of Legionella.

They offer a full range of water treatment services related to hydraulics, plumbing, preventative maintenance, design, legionella and pathogen management, emergency decontaminations, water safety & risk management systems. Hindmarsh Water Treatment assists facility managers to prepare commercial water treatment plans and adhere to enHealth guidelines.

Their team includes specialists with internationally recognised skills in microbiology, specialising in waterborne disease, such as legionella, and public health.

As a part of their innovative practices, Hindmarsh Water Treatment engaged me to produce a series of videos for facility managers across Australia. The videos show how to change filters and chlorine right through to procedures for taking samples and weekly flushing routines. Produced with Hindmarsh Water Treatment Manager Ross Jones and his team, the videos were also some of the first to be produced using Hightail Spaces, a collaborative tool that accelerated the review process by providing realtime feedback between the editor and the project team at Hindmarsh.

PDF training sheets were also created from the training videos leveraging off the content we created with Ross for the video scripts.

The videos are now in service providing best practice examples to managers and their teams across Australia and once again putting Hindmarsh Water Treatment at the forefront of innovation in this important work. This is another example of adding real value to our clients through smart tools, strong project management and being able to convey complex technical content into an easy to understand best practice model that can be updated anytime.

We called Jon to assist us in the creation of our Water Treatment client training videos. Jon is always available when you need him and a great communicator. The filming onsite was an easy process and as novices Jon walked us through the scripting process to ensure that any pitfalls were minimized in their creation. The Hightail Spaces system made it easy for multiple people to comment and collaborate on the videos at the same time from different locations, this was an important part of the creation process as we were all on the same page at all times. Thank you for helping to create a true quality product for us and our clients.

The Team at Hindmarsh Water Treatment.

Skills deployed

  • Video Production
  • Script collaboration