Resthaven Mural project opens in Elizabeth

Once in a while a project comes along that is unpredictable, unscripted and a great privilege to work on. The Resthaven Northern Community Services Mural project is one that I will always be very proud to have been involved on.

About the Project

On 4 November 2016, a $400,000 building extension and mural project was launched at Resthaven Northern Community Services at 16 Gillingham Road, Elizabeth.

The services offered include home care and support, wellness and therapy services, and veterans’ home care and nursing.

Resthaven Mural

Resthaven Mural with Artists and invited guests

Looking to add vibrancy and interest to the external side wall facing Gillingham Road, Resthaven commissioned a large, six-panel mural, designed by local artist, John Whitney.

The mural is a reflection of Resthaven’s commitment to positive images of older people – affirming their contribution and value to family and the community. It was created with help from Resthaven clients and staff, and local young adults, Bianca, Lauchlan, Cameron and Dylan.

The Mural Video

I was approached by Resthaven to follow the painting of the Mural over a one week period in July and worked closely with artist and part time bushranger impersonator John Whitney. John and I bonded well and we filmed people working on and talking about the painting, specifically the interactions between the older and younger participants. This group worked brilliantly and there was some great statements that came out of the mix which ended up in the final cut.

John Whitney artist

John Whitney artist

The video draws on the shared experience of the Artists and all the individuals and the work of Resthaven across the community. The themes of working together are explored and provide some great insights.

This was definitely one of the more challenging projects and also one of the most satisfying. Thanks to Neville Clark from Disk Edits for helping me with audio mastering again.

The video was shot in a mix of time-lapse, 4K and High Definition and edited on FCPX
You can see the mural at 16 Gillingham  Rd. Elizabeth.