Selling the Westside


A unique video production that highlights the Westside

There are so many different attributes to the area, from pristine beaches to the most innovative redevelopment in Adelaide at Bowden. Then there were all the different activities, cultures and people living all sorts of lives across the council area. We decided to create the video in zones featuring lifestyle, opportunities, services, shopping and attractions.


The family behind the Vietnam Restaurant

The next step was to shoot all of the people, locations and activities over a very short 2 month window. We pulled out all stops and managed to capture over 38 different activities, people, businesses and events and were able to source some supplied vision in a couple of cases to help get the best result.

St Morris Sinners at the Gov

Through the process of shooting we had amazing support from so many people and I thank them all for helping us to create a kaleidoscope of sound and vision that sums up why the City of Charles Sturt is somewhere very special to live, work and hang out in. I have lived here over 50 years of my life and feel very honoured to have been given the opportunity to make this video for the people that make up the Westside.

The video was produced using Final Cut Pro X and two versions were produced with a full length version and a shorter teaser video for social media. You can visit the City of Charles Sturt Website for more information on living in the fabulous Westside.


Inside the technology used in the video

The project was shot primarily on the 4K GH4 camera with the Sigma 18-35mm lens. In addition to this I used the Varavan electronic slider and the outstanding Ronin M stabiliser to do some of the moving shots throughout the video. These tools give the video a look that is hard to get in any other way.

I also engaged Dai Cookes from Above Oz to help with the drone vision. Dai and I have worked together over many years and to shoot this vision for the video Dai piloted the drone while I shot the vision. Dai does great work and he is currently shooting with the ABC on a major series.Neville Clark at Disk-Edits mastered the audio and added some really important touches into the soundtrack that give it a real life.

Love the City of Charles Sturt video – feedback

The video was taken to China as part of the 2016 South Australian Shandong Business Mission from 5-10 April 2016. Many SA Government agencies and delegations from local Chinese Business Chambers were shown the video in a presentation and the response was extremely positive.

In June the video rolled out on the City of Charles Sturt’s Facebook page and scored nearly 3,000 views in its first week alone. Promotion surrounding the video continues to be shown on the adelaidenow website and will continue into the future.