Protecting Bus Drivers

In 2014, we were approached to help create an interactive video based program for SouthLink to help protect drivers against acts of aggression and antisocial behaviour. SouthLink employs around 700 bus drivers in areas from Gawler in the North to Sellicks Beach in the South and East to Mt Barker in the Adelaide Hills.

For many drivers, dealing with difficult and stressful situations can take a toll on their wellbeing and we set out with the help of a psychologist to look at create some contemporary video based training to guide them on how to deal with a variety of situations they may encounter.


Peer driven
Drivers were interviewed and we searched for those who had good ways of defusing difficult situations. We interviewed drivers across age and cultural backgrounds. As the workforce can come from all points of the globe, we felt we should incorporate messages that resonated with all the drivers. The idea was to feed back good concepts from driver to driver rather than a top down only approach.
The project was funded through Employers Mutual Member Benefits Program and actively supported by the project management group at SouthLink, headed up by Daryll Conlon, SouthLink Operations Manager.

The outcome from the project was two videos covering introductory information and tips and a more specific second module of case study situations such as racial intolerance and road rage.

After spending some serious time on the road with the crew and their drivers, I have a great respect for what they do every minute of the day at work. It was an honour to meet a huge range of drivers and talk with them about making their job safer and avoiding the stresses of difficult situations.

The video is now used in class based and online situations and their is interest from the parent company to look at using it interstate.

This was probably one of the most challenging projects I have worked on and I would like to thank Daryll, Cathy, Wayne, Wendy, Neil, Ray, Dave and all the cast who gave so much to make this a great success (and our top actor Thommo)

Video Production credits
Camera – Steve Leicester/Jon Burke
Sound – Tom Wreblicki
Audio mix – Neville Clark
Interactive – Drew

Produced and directed by Jon Burke

Supported and funded by Employers Mutual