Safety first, second and third

Over the last 10 years or so, I have been privileged to witness some amazing things happen and watched people shape their careers or life paths.

In the safety arena, I have filmed nearly 70 videos for Safe Work Awards and on each video met up to a dozen or more people behind the entry or their journey to a better safety outcome. When these people have their efforts recognised on video and are highlighted before their peers at events such as the Safe Work Awards, it generates a positive message and creates an affirmation in being safe for those around them.

The value and benefit to the individuals and businesses who win these awards is clear to see, but so to is the contribution from those who are nominated but don’t win.

These are the people that are doing the right thing by their very nature and are always looking to help those around them to go home safely each day and enjoy a life free of workplace related injury or illness.

This is why events such as the Safe Work Awards and Safe Work Week play an important role in promoting a good safety culture, win, draw or lose.

One person who I have worked with over many years is Malcolm Baxter from PEER VEET. Mal is PEER’s Safety Manager and has the role of shaping safety in the minds of the next generation the tradies. This is a task he does with great effort and decency while still dispensing the odd verbal clip around the ear to errant safety performers in the workforce.

On many projects highlighting apprentice safety I have produced, Mal has always stepped up to provide practical and technical support to make them relevant to younger minds. He always goes beyond what is required without any credit or motivation other than to get a good message out.

Here’s to Mal and all the unsung heroes out there. Just doing what they do to create a great safety culture for future generations.