Interactive online training for TAPS apprentices

Since late 2016, we have been working closely with Graeme Webster, WHS Manager at TAPS to develop extended online safety programs for their apprentices and trainees. Graeme has worked closely with the TAPS management team, industry and apprentices to develop a range of short courses that are delivered online to improve safety information across their apprentice and trainee workforce.

Safety in this area is critical and input was sought from SafeWorkSA and other consultants to provide up to the minute information that covers a diverse range of topics, from working at heights to wellness and wellbeing courses. As a result of these courses, information can be directed to the apprentices and trainees ahead of work that may require an understanding of specific hazards and risks.

After 6 months for more, the courses have become a key part of the TAPS induction process and show what is possible by using smart ideas and technology to deliver cost efficient and flexible training. We have worked closely with TAPS to modify our options to best suit their needs and congratulate TAPS on the rollout of this exciting safety initiative.

The training platform is based on the custom built Learning Management System we designed and this continues to underpin courses that are used daily in a wide range of group training organisations across South Australia.

TAPS e-learning has enabled us to standardise our induction and training content, assess our learner’s knowledge and provide direct savings to our business in terms of reduced delivery time. TAPS has worked closely with jonburke creative digital video who were instrumental in establishing the platform and graphical services for this project to obtain the success that it has.

Graeme Webster
WHS Manager TAPS

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