New website and video for BE Switchcraft

in 2015 Foundation client BE Switchcraft engaged me to rebuild their website and create a new video to be featured on the new site. The work was completed in late 2015.

The site rebuild created a review process where we looked at the DNA of the company and what we felt were its dominant strengths over its 50 year journey. As a result we featured the people and their inherent approach to quality and their dedication to the clients outcomes as a feature on both the new site and video.

The website is highly imaged based and has regular updates to cover new work completed and highlight the scope of the work, both here and overseas. The feedback from both the video and the website has been fantastic with people commenting on the high quality expensive look. The video too has received many favourable comments online and through the feedback from Managing Director Nick Rowe.

The site will be expanded and updated through time to ensure it remains relevant and current with all activities. We are very humbled to be have been able to work with such a great business since 2004.

You can visit the website here or watch the new 2 minute video shot in 4K here