Now that’s a knife!

The things you see…

Recently I was at Seppeltsfield filming for the South Australian Wine Industry Association. Just as I was driving out the gate, I saw these 3 chaps banging around in the darkness with a glowing furnace in the background.

Barry Gardner

Barry Gardner, the Knife Man

What was happening was a workshop on how to make custom knives led by Barry Gardner who became a knife maker 20 years ago after visiting a knife show. Since then Barry has sharpened his skills and is now forging (his pun) a viable career at the JamFactory at Seppeltsfield Winery in the Barossa Valley.

Barry shares this passion with the public through small workshops and is clearly obsessed with quality outcomes that have found their way into very select kitchens across the country. His current focus is on creating knives with a Japanese influence using Australian timbers which provide a rich textural look and a great feel. His partner and business manager, Amanda Knight is also learning the art of hand engraving to further enhance the knives.

Here is short video I put together from the visit


Barry’s website is here and definitely worth a look. It’s another surprising side of the Barossa!